Content Top Section

Here is the Sidebar called Site Page: Content Top Section.  This should come before any text in the Page.  This has been added for flexibility and allows us to have a widget at the start of the page (e.g. for a team this could be a current form widget or a latest results ticket.)

This sidebar should span the full width of the content area.

Test Page

So we are using the test page template here.

We should have a new customer sidebar after this text.

Content Middle Left Section.

This has been added so that two widgets can be added side by side in a site page.  I’m not sure what happens if only one of the widgets is used.

This widget should appear on the left hand side below the page content.

Content Middle Right

This should be the sidebar in the right hand side of the middle area, just below the page content.

This should sit next to the left side even if there is no widget attached.