First ever game against Woodbourne and a win for the Under 11s

Woodbourne 68/6 (238 net) – Muni 137/6 (307 net)

Match Date: Monday 1st July 2019, 6:00pm
Competition: Warwickshire Youth Cricket League – Under 11 Grizzlies (Group 4)
Format: Pairs Cricket, 16 overs.

A nice evening in the Warwickshire countryside for our first ever youth fixture against a Woodbourne team who had just won their first ever youth game the previous week (having only started playing youth cricket last season).

Isaac won the toss and decided to bowl.
Two wickets from Advait (plus a wicket maiden) saw the first Woodbourne pair come in with a net score of 200.
The second pair managed to put 20 on the score with the loss of one wicket from the bowling of Reiss.
The third batting pair played well, increasing the net score to 242 with a number of boundaries before Isaac took a wicket in the last over.
Two more wickets by Isaac against the final pair reduced the total to 238 at the end giving Muni a target of 239 to win.

… and with that target in mind the opening batting pair of Advait and Mohammed reached it with their four overs, finishing on 239 without the loss of any wickets.
Some good bowling by the Woodbourne star player saw Matthew and Arun lose some wickets, but still managed to up the net score to 240.
Next in came Umar and Reiss who ran well between the wicket and even managed to get a boundary each to take the net score up to 260.
The final pair of Isaac and Turan hit big scoring 15 and 20 respectively to finish with a net score of 307.

The boys played well to get the result as this was not an easy game and shows you have to treat all opposition with respect in this league.


Muni won the toss and elected to field.

Woodbourne Innings 68/6 (238 net)
Muni BowlingOMRW0s4s6sWDNBECON
Reiss Rana2071c700243.50
Advait Ramanujam2132b,c1000201.50
Matthew Burke2090910224.50
Arun Kelly201106001005.50
Mohammed Salam20120710706.00
Turan Ehsan301701220445.67
Isaac Mohammed3163b,b,b1510202.00
fielding extra runs3
non bowler wickets0
Solihull Municipal Innings 137/6 (307 net)
Muni BattingRunsTimes OutBalls4s6sSS%SR
Advait Ramanujam110111064%100.0
Mohammed Salam11091078%122.2
Matthew Burke1160017%16.7
Arun Kelly0212000%0.0
Umar Sharif +12092067%133.3
Reiss Rana82131038%61.5
Isaac Mohammed *151102070%150.0
Turan Ehsan200121183%166.7
extras (4b, 4lb, 42w, 12nb)59